Your Health Comes First


FPL Farms was established on November 21, we produce fishes and shrimps under Bio Floc technology.

Biofloc, a very recent technology a very promising and sustainable production as the system has self nitrification process within culture ponds with almost negligible water exchange (Yoram, 2000, 2005a&b).

Our products are fresh as like picked from farm.

We sell our product from farm to home. Our customer can feel the freshness of our product.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our products are produces keeping our customers health in mind, we produce meet with bio organic technology

Our Directors

Our directors are from different part of world having experience in different field of life.

Asif Maghfoor
Asif MaghfoorCEO & Founder
Mr. Asif is an MBA from Iqra University, having vast experience in customer services.
Amir MaghfoorCEO
Mr. Amir is an Entrepreneur.